Courier IMAP and daemontools


Many of these settings are the defaults in the configuration files but if you don't read them in, the values are unset. Therefore we include them explicitly.

If you just install Courier with the standard settings all of this is taken care of. Our goal is to use our familiar working practices to run the software, hence the requirement to set these environment variables in our supervise scripts. As to why they take the values they do, read on:

Please note that some variables need to be set to 1 and some need to be set to YES in order to configure things...

STARTTLS support

In order for imapd to advertise STARTTLS support:

General SSL stuff

IDLE support

You can configure imapd to support the IDLE extension, which allows clients to go to sleep and be woken by the server when something happens. This way new mail can be pushed to the client instead of the client polling for messages every so often. It's supported by Thunderbird and other clients.

The trash

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