Overriding DLL imports in FlashpointServer.exe

Editing the PE header

A very nifty tool called IIDKing (which can be downloaded from Programmer's Tools) allows editing of PE headers and the addition of entries in the import list.

Using IIDKing, we can add a link to the soundsfix DLL and its exported function _furrycat_CreateFileA@28.

IIDKing conveniently writes sample assembly code to call the new function:

call dword ptr [0074e0a8]

The hex equivalent of this is:


Disassembling an unmodified FlashpointServer.exe reveals that CreateFileA() is called viz:

call dword ptr [006990bc]

The hex equivalent for this call is as follows:


The final step, therefore, is to load FlashpointServer.exe into a hex editor and replace all occurrences of ff15bc906900 with ff15a8e07400. The file is then patched!

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Download soundsfix 1.91 code and source.