Xinerama emulation

Set up Xinerama

We use Xdmx to create a virtual Xinerama display on top of our two nested heads. We'll use :3 as the display number.

The basic invocation is as follows but see the notes below.

Xdmx +xinerama -xinput local -display :1 -display :2 -ac :3 &

On my nVidia system no windows were visible unless I added -noglxproxy.

On Ubuntu I had to use the Xdmx binary from Fedora Core 6. As Ubuntu X11 is configured to use a different font path I had to explicitly tell Xdmx about it. Adding -fontpath `xset q | sed '1,/^Font Path:/d;q'` did that.

Also on Ubuntu - and probably also to do with compile-time differences between the two distributions - I had to disable the XKB extension with -noxkb or I was unable to type anything in my Xinerama display.

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