Download profile

Version control of my profile is managed through Git. To browse individual files see the web interface:


To clone the whole profile do:

git clone git://

This will create a new directory called profile. If you want to use my files in your own home directory it may be easier to do the following:

git init
git remote add origin git://
git pull origin master

If I update my files and you want to grab the latest changes you can simply:

git pull origin master

You may want to use my files as a base but with your own changes. For example you may hate my .vimrc. In that case you should first create your own branch called, for instance, mine.

git checkout -b mine

Then you could make your changes.

vi .vimrc
git add .vimrc
git commit -m "I hate Iain's vimrc." .vimrc

If you do this you'll want to update the master branch with my changes then rebase your modifications over the top of it.

git checkout master
git pull origin master
git checkout mine
git rebase master

See one of the many articles on the internet about using Git for more details about what the above commands do.