This patch has two aesthetic effects, one of which only applies to Xinerama setups and one (the same one, actually) that could arguably be upgraded to the level of bugfix.


workspace-xinerama-name for Window Maker 0.92.0


The patch has two effects related to the workspace name, which is briefly flashed up on the screen when switching workspaces. You can configure where the name appears: at the TOP, CENTER, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT or one of the four corners of the screen.

This patch indents the name by 32 pixels from any edges. My personal opinion is that it looks better than having the name flush against the screen borders.

The patch also forces the name to be shown entirely within one head of a Xinerama display. In stock Window Maker the name will span heads if set to TOP, CENTER or BOTTOM alignment, and is hence hard to read when the display comprises an even number of heads.