My mates

The dealers
How many people can you fit on a bed?
Everyone shout Wiss!
Chloe and Iain compare hair colours
Chloe and the boys
The cigar club
The spliff club
Men of low moral fibre
Iain and the boys
The master on rollerblades
Iain on rollerblades
Cowboy and Costanza
Eleventh heaven
The boys in the Puvis garden
Dana cutting Chloe's hair
Wayne by a lake
Beach bums
Chinese eats
Andy and Chloe
Iain and Rebecca
Rebecca on the phone



Juvecentus flag
South stand, Stadio delle Alpi

Our Villeurbanne kickabouts

Aerial battle
Ibrahim and a guy
Nicholas, not Zizou
Owen the 'keeper
A midfield battle
The right winger keeps it in play
The 'keeper clears
Cemil and Walid show their allegiances

Marseille - Paris, 8th April 1998

Iain at the stade Velodrome
Frenchy and Che Light
The crowd entering the ground
The Parisians warm up
The Ultras supporters group
The South Winners and their giant banner
The Fanatics with their flares

Birmingham 1995-1999

The floozy in the jacuzzi
The bag club

Maths ball 1999

Pablo and Mila
Eva and Mila
Andy in a dress
Andy with beer and fag
Andy headbutts some toast
Kirk and a bored looking Anna
Broggio the wasp
Andy and Helen
The paranoid Helen

Graduation 1999

Andy, Deanne, Chloe and Iain
Obligatory hat throwing picture

Lyon 1997-1998

View from my room
View from Cowboy's room
View from Walid's room
A lioness
A giraffe
A statue
A roller demon


La Ciotat
En Vau

Pacific 2000

New Zealand

The Auckland skyline
Rotorua thermals

New Caledonia

A big spider
A chief's hut
The drowned forest
The brooding hen
The pierced rock

Hong Kong

Off the beaten track in Kowloon
The Star Ferry
View from the peak

Zen penguins

The teddyborg
The assimilation
Resistance is futile
The hopalong penguinborg
We are penguin of Borg

Hong Kong

An evil spider
Bird lantern
Wan Chai from above
View from Barker Road
The Exhibition Centre
Joke photograph
Hong Kong sunset

Ngong Ping

The Big Buddha
Po Lin monastery
Please give generously
Boring gate

Christmas 2000

Hong Kong is sinking
Decorations at Wan Chai
Decorations at Central

Company annual dinner 2001

ViaGold Direct Network
Suit you sir!
Crouching tiger, hidden dragons
Ray and Samuel

Monkey Hill

A cute monkey
Hungry monkeys
Monkeys in a tree
My mother and the monkey
Monkeys, monkeys everywhere
Car advert


Leaving Lamma
English, Lamma style
Iain at the sea
Rebecca at the sea

Hong Kong zoological and botanical gardens

Some kind of animal
Some kind of bird
Another kind of bird
A jaguar

Ocean Park

The Abyss
Brown duck
Black duck
Not a chicken
Small exotic bird
Jumping dolphins
Something fishy going on
Dolphins in training
Feeding the fish
Many fish
The Mine Train
Old dude having fun
The Space Wheel
Touch your teeth
Raging River


Danny Ho eating scorpions
Wayne eating scorpions
Wayne eating grasshoppers
The Forbidden City
You look like a student!
ViaGold in China
More insect eating

Summer Palace

The Long Corridor
The palace
Inscription on a pillar
The next Titanic
The bridge


The Palace of Westminster
A crazy old man playing the violin
Tower Bridge
The Tower of London
Bizarre art exhibit
South Bank of the Thames
Buckingham Palace
Elephant on a stick
The Globe Theatre
The New Fook Lam Moon restaurant
London Red Bus
Big Ben
On the Eye
Rebecca outside Buckingham Palace
Parliament seen through the Eye
Rebecca in front of Tower Bridge
Closeup of the Tower


Minster decoration
Rebecca outside a church
Castle thing
Iain and Rebecca at the castle thing


Vlaovic (the lazy cat)

Wide eyes
Comfy seat
Vlaovic and mum surf the web
My chair!
Feed me!
Dozing off

Dookie (the fat cat)

Out cold
In the garden
Dookie outside
Evil cat


Bridge on the River Han
Our street
The streets of Suyu


Ecological Garden
Big fish statue
Octagonal Pavilion
The rain in Seoul
King Sejong's planetary instrument
Another view of the Pond
King Sejong
King Sejong profile
Manhattan Lite


Iain at work
My room in Salford
Dubious photograph of Neil and Scott
We call this furry technology