qmail/MySQL - credits

The following folk have offered suggestions:


Caught a memory leak in virtual domain handling.


Tonino discovered a memory leak and prodded me to get the patches to compile on Solaris.


William Tan spotted that splog.c could overflow its input and sent a patch. Cheers.


Holgi pointed out I'd missed the salt from my password checking routine when checkpassword uses libcrypt passwords. That was clever. Someone just shoot me in the head now.

Jim Serio (jim@rollercoaster.com)

Jim was trying to build my patches into Bruce Guenter's qmail+patches source RPM. He noticed that the patch fails when qmail-1.03-queuevar.patch is applied as well. I'm looking at this.

Danny (admin@fcet.org)

Pointed out a few bloopers in the documentation and made some suggestions to improve its readability.

Charlie Orford (charlie@linuxdsl.co.uk)

Tested the patch with netqmail.

Gavin Hamill (gdh@acentral.co.uk)

The legendary Gavin Hamill has dug up bugs and contributed code of his own on several occasions.