Window Maker patches

These patches - as well as subsequent work I've done on Window Maker - have been merged into upstream. This page remains for historical interest only.

Each patch is listed with a brief description and a note on the patch type. Follow the link for more information and to download the patch.

The various patch annotations are:

To clarify regarding Xinerama: all patches are tested on Xinerama and non-Xinerama desktops. Patches tagged XINERAMA provide functionality which is either only available or only meaningful on a Xinerama desktop. All patches are safe to apply and run whether you use Xinerama or not.

The patches

Applying the patches

To apply these patches, enter the Window Maker source directory and run:

patch -p0 < patch-name.diff

where patch-name.diff is the file you downloaded. This assumes you already copied the patch file into the source directory before proceeding.