The new server

The new home

With the operating system installed and tested, it was time to pack the hardware up and ship it off to its new home. The motherboard, CPU, RAM, RAID controller and disks were boxed and sent via courier to the US of A where Dick rebuilt them (this time with a case and only one PSU) and dropped the new machine on to his LAN.


There it is on the left. Or is it the right? I think I should send him a Tux PC badge to stick on the front...

Badgeless servers

The server's network connectivity is provided by a Road Runner business broadband package which gives us 1Mbps upstream and 3Mbps down. Needless to say the latter is more useful to Dick!

All this doesn't come cheap and the cost is split between [furryclan] members, as the server runs our mail, web site and a few game servers as well as providing my own personal pages.

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