No Machine RDP

No Machine can connect to a Windows machine running Terminal Services. It does this by creating an X11 display and running rdesktop in fullscreen mode. This means that you must have rdesktop installed on the machine running the No Machine server.

Note that technically the above statement is incorrect. You must have rdesktop installed on your No Machine nodes. Unless, however, you are running No Machine Advanced Server, your node is your server.

If you don't wish to allow access to the Terminal Server from the internet you can use No Machine to proxy the RDP connection. Users create a session of type Windows and enter the connection details of the Terminal Server as they appear to the node, eg using a private IP address.

If necessary you can customise the invocation of rdesktop by setting CommandStartRDP in /usr/NX/etc/node.cfg. For example you could set the command to socksify rdesktop -f to make rdesktop connect to the Terminal Server via a SOCKS gateway.